pon project contracting, to meet your needs, we undertake the maintenance of the equipments and systems designed by Revo-Tec Ltd. A Szervizszolgáltatás is kulcsfontosságú tevékenység cégünk számára.

Servicing has of key importance for us. Our company also provides the annual maintenance of automatic equipments, production lines, transport systems and electrical devices. Due to the wide professional experience and the well equipped service vehicles, we can do the maintenance at the clients’ homes to spare the expensive shipping costs.

Let’s decrease together the risk of production loss!

You must have worried about performing your maintenance tasks in a short time ordered by production. Have you got non-completed tasks hoping to survive until next maintenance?! A machine off from production due to the lack of maintenance is the biggest loss for your company!

Lacking the preventive maintenance, the maintenance costs of unexpected failures can go more times higher than the works performed in scheduled working time!

To avoid the abovementioned and similar problems, we offer you to make the preventive maintenance and the maintenance plans of your equipments and machines. Either with you or by us independently as an external professional team



About us

2002 – year of foundation. The Company started its activity as a 100% Hungarian private equity Limited Partnership. Its main profile was the development and manufacturing of machines and test technology equipments - leak down, cold and hot test procedures - related to the automotive manufacturing processes.


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